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External Audit

ISA Audit

Legal audit of annual and of consolidated accounts

Contractual audit of annual and of consolidated accounts

non-ISA Audit

Legal audit (« commissaire » in accordance with the article 62 of the commercial law)

Missions reserved by the law exclusively to réviseurs d’entreprises agrees

Review of contributions other than in cash (contributions in kind)
Review of transfer of registered office
Review of the conversion of legal form of companies
Review of issuance of convertible bonds
Review of merger and split transactions
Certificate related to continuing training

Internal Audit

Outsourced internal audit function

Professionals of financial sector

Management companies

Consulting and assistance to the internal auditor

Other Assignments

Agreed-upon procedures

Review engagements

Liquidator of investment funds or corporate entities

Audit to the liquidation (“commissaire à la liquidation”)

Distribution of interim dividends